Thailand, Singapore & Indonesia 2015

Sun, 10/25/2015 - 15:52

The last time we went to Sout East Asia was in 2013 so it's was time for us to go there again. Reeta wanted to go to Indonesia, so I devised a plan to visit several beautiful places in Asia including Indonesia.
Since we didn't have a lot of time (only two and half weeks) we had to make a tight schedule in order to get the best value for our time. We had to make an ideal mix of discovering culture, seeing world wonders and relax. It was a big puzzle, but we managed to plan a great trip.

Ireland - 2015

Fri, 06/12/2015 - 17:05

In June 2015 my girlfriend and I visited our friends in South-West Ireland. We have been to Ireland many times before, in fact this was our 7th time, but it's still a beautiful country to visit. So far we have only visited the County Kerry and County Cork areas, because this is where our friends live. They live just outside of Tralee in Ballyroe (on the road to Ardfert). Nienke is our Dutch friend from college. She moved to Ireland after meeting a Kerry-man. They are now married (we also went to her wedding in 2008) and have two children. During the economic crisis in 2008 Ireland was hit pretty hard, but they manage to lead a happy live in County Kerry.

Usually the weather in this area is pretty bad. Lots of rain and wind which look depressing, but give the surrounding area a rugged feel to it. And the rain and wind actually go well with the landscape.

My trip to Ecuador (June 2014)

Sun, 05/17/2015 - 12:59

In the beginning of August 2013 my father migrated to Quito in Ecuador. I was planning on visiting him after he finished building his house. That is, he bought some land in Quito and hired a contractor to build him a house. However, disaster struck when he fell in the shower in October 2013. He broke his neck and ended up in Hospital for 3 months. It has to be said that he should be lucky to have survived in the first place. The doctors were sceptic about his chances to ever walk again, but thankfully he was able to stand up again and even walk for a bit. He still has some health issues caused by his injuries, but he is thankful to be alive and living in the country he likes so much. Because of this event my girlfriend and I decided to visit him earlier than planned. So we booked a flight from Amsterdam to Quito, had some vaccinations and filled up our suitcase with my fathers wish list items.