Kitchen garden: Basil

Sun, 06/14/2015 - 14:42

I never had very much interest in plants and gardens even though my mother used to love it. It just wasn't my thing and it sure as heck wasn't cool. Also, in my house flowers die within a matter of hours rather than days, because it's to dark and probably to warm. I always thought that plants would suffer the same consequences as flowers did so I decided that having plants or flowers in the house wasn't an option. The only plant that survive in my house is the zamioculcas. So far this tropical plants has shown to survive the dark, warm and dry atmosphere in my house. It also doesn't need a lot of water. Until recently this plant was the only species of plants in my house (a have a couple of them).

My adjuma plants

Sun, 06/14/2015 - 14:31

After successfully growing my own basil I decided to go one step further and try to grow my own adjuma pepper plants. Adjuma's are extremely hot chilli's from Surinam. They look like the Habanero pepper and are closely related to the Madame Jeanette pepper, also from Surinam. One day, when preparing a curry, I sliced one adjuma pepper and put about 15 seeds into soil. I put the jar with soil in my window sill and after one month two small sprouts started to appear. They were very small and looked very fragile, so I carefully gave them water about once every day. Not too much. Just enough to keep the soil moist.